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Nasal assimilation in Spanish {1972 reprint}

Covariant sound shifts and generative phonology {1972 reprint}

The surface structure of Portuguese: plurals and other things {1973 reprint}

The survival of a "marked" segment in Portuguese {1973 reprint}

On the development of Portuguese -ão {1973 reprint}

Diachronic phonology as rule complication: a Galician example {1973 reprint}

Some remarks on Italian consonant gemination {1973 reprint}

Why alpha variables aren't always simple {1973 reprint}

Universal phonological features {1974 reprint}

Rule interaction and rule loss {1974 reprint}

The reduction of falling diphthongs {1974 reprint}

A topology of semantic dependence {1974 reprint}

Rimbaud as phonetician?: color choices in "Voyelles" {1974 reprint}

Pronominal code-switching in Ubu Roi {1975 reprint}

External history and linguistic change:  Brazilian Portuguese -s {1975 reprint}

Vowel nasalization in Brazilian Portuguese {1975 reprint}

Connectedness in poetry: toward a topological analysis of e. e. cummings {1975 reprint}

Features, markedness, and shorthand {1975 reprint}

The velarization of /n/ in Galician {1975 reprint}

Orthographic variation and linguistic nationalism {1975 reprint}

The language battle in Puerto Rico {1975 reprint}

Vocalic modifications in the Italian future and conditional {1975 reprint}

Portuguese vinho: diachronic evidence for biphonemic nasal vowels {1975 reprint}

Jarry's Ubu: a study in multiple association {1975 reprint}

Final s in Rio de Janeiro:  innovation or imitation?  {1976 reprint}

Paradigmatic overlapping in Tres Tristes Tigres {1976 reprint}

Structural linguistics and bilingual interference {1976 reprint}

Language and metalanguage in literature {1976 reprint}

Rule order and rule compatibility {1976 reprint}

Spanish carajo: problems and proposals {1976 reprint}

Prejudice and pronunciation {1976 reprint}

Donoso's Obscene Bird: novel and anti-novel {1976 reprint}

Teaching spoken Spanish {1976 reprint}

From text to narrative: spanning the gap {1976 reprint}

Preposed subjects in questions:  some considerations {1977 reprint}

Poetic deviance and generative grammars {1977 reprint}

Embedded dialogue in El otoño del patriarca {1977 reprint}

Segment, sequence and mirror-image: an Italian example {1977 reprint}

El garabato and the motivation of the sign {1978 reprint}

Code-switching and the problem of bilingual competence {1978 reprint}

The functional relevance of native language in proficiency assessment {1978 reprint}

On the use of the indefinite article {1978 reprint}

The subjunctive as fact?  {1978 reprint}

Some remarks on syllabic structure {1978 reprint}

Narrative textures in Conversación en la Catedral {1979 reprint}

La estructura holográfica de Cambio de Piel {1979 reprint}

On vowel-diphthong transitions {1979 reprint}

Linguistics and the Spanish curriculum {1980 reprint}

Reading the writers: hidden meta-structures in the modern Spanish American  novel {1980 reprint}

Meta-levels and fictional awareness {1980 reprint}

Sábato's new epistemology {1980 reprint}

Split signifiers in La pasión de Urbino (1980 reprint}

Bilingual code-switching and internal competence {1980 reprint}

Vicente Leñero: narrative evolution as religious search {1981 reprint}

Spanish-English language switching in speech and literature:  theories and models {1982 reprint}

Evolution through paradox: El obsceno pájaro de la noche and Casa de Campo {1982 reprint}

Filibustero: origin and development {1982 reprint}

Reducción de /s/ en el español de Honduras {separata de 1983}

La norma culta y la norma radiofónica: /s/ y /n/ en español {separata de 1983}

Resistencia paradigmática del consonnantismo final en el Caribe hispánico {separata de 1983}

On the weakening of /s/ in Latin American Spanish {1984 reprint}

Spanish world-wide: toward a more perfect union {1984 reprint}

La norma culta hondureña {separata de 1984}

Reducción de la "s" en el español de Honduras {separata de 1984}

/s/ in Central American Spanish {1985 reprint}

The literature of the unknowable {1985 reprint}

Linguistic aspects of Spanish-English language switching {1985 book}

Sabine River Spanish: vestigial 18th century Mexican Spanish in Texas and Louisiana {1985 reprint}

Black Spanish: the last frontier of Afro-America {1985 reprint}

Reducción de /s/ y /n/ en el español isleño de Luisiana {separata de 1985}

El español en Filipinas: notas breves {separata de 1985}

Contactos hispano-africanos: el español guineano y su importancia para la dialectología hispanoamericana {separata de 1985}

The speech of the Negros Congos of Panama: an Afro-Hispanic dialect {1985 reprint}

On the loss of /s/ in "Black" Spanish {1986 reprint}

Golden Age "black Spanish": existence and coexistence {1986 reprint}

Sobre el bilingüismo anglo hispánico en Gibraltar {separata de 1986}

Bozal Spanish: consistency and parallel structures {1986 reprint}

Language contact phenomena in Louisiana Isleño Spanish {1986 reprint}

Reduction of /s/ and /n/ in Spanish {1986 reprint}

El español vestigial en los Estados Unidos {separata de 1986}

The negros congos of Panama:  Afro-Hispanic creole language and culture {1986 reprint}

El lenguaje de los negros congos de Panamá:  estudio lingüístico {separata de 1986}

Sobre la construcción TA + infinitivo en el español "bozal" {separata de 1986}

Sobre lingüística afroecuatoriana:  el Valle del Chota {separata de 1986}

Instability and reduction of /s/ in the Spanish of Honduras {1986 reprint}

Central American Spanish in the United States: some remarks on the Salvadoran community {1986 reprint}

English-Spanish contacts in the United States and Central America:  sociolinguistic mirror images {1986 reprint}

A new look at Afro-Hispanic phonology: the case of Equatorial Guinea {1986 reprint}

A test case of the Afro-Hispanic connection: final /s/ in Equatorial Guinea {1986 reprint}

The reduction of /s/ in Philippine creole Spanish and its implications for historical Hispanic dialectology {1986 reprint}

The Portuguese element in Philippine Creole Spanish: a critical assessment {1986 reprint}

Las hablas hispanofilipinas: eslabón entre tres continentes {separata de 1986}

Contemporary Philippine Spanish: comments on vestigial usage {1987 reprint}

On the origin and use of lan/nan in Caribbean bozal Spanish {1987 reprint}

African influence on Hispanic dialects {1987 reprint}

The Chota Valley:  Afro-Hispanic language in highland Ecuador {1987 reprint}

El español vestigial de Filipinas {separata de 1987}

El dialecto español de Río Sabinas {separata de 1987}

On the construction ta + infinitive in Caribbean bozal Spanish {1987 reprint}

The construction para atrás among Spanish-English bilinguals: parallel structures and universal patterns {1987 reprint}

Modern Spanish once-removed in Philippine Creole Spanish: the case of Zamboangueño {1987 reprint}

Fonética y fonología del español guineano {separata de 1987}

Philippine creole Spanish:  assessing the Portuguese element {1988 reprint}

La discontinuidad fonética como criterio dialectológico {separata de 1988}  

Spanish pro-drop meets the bilingual speaker {1989 ERIC document}

El valle del Chota: enclave lingüístico afroecuatoriano {separata de 1989}

Beyond the isogloss; trends in Hispanic dialectology {1989 reprint}

Spanish yeísmo and the palatal resonants {1989 reprint}

Salvadorans in the United States: patterns of sociolinguistic integration {1989 reprint}

/s/-voicing in Ecuadoran Spanish: patterns and principles of consonantal modification {1989 reprint}

Elision of Spanish intervocalic /y/:  toward a theoretical account {1990 reprint}

Aspects of Ecuadorian vowel reduction {1990 reprint}

Trinidad Spanish: implications for Afro Hispanic language {1990 reprint}

In search of the Spanish `personal infinitive' {1991 reprint}

Spanish taps and trills:  phonological structure of an isolated opposition {1991 reprint}

Origen y evolución de la partícula ta en los criollos afrohispánicos {separata de 1991}

Clandestine broadcasting as a sociolinguistic microcosm {1991 reprint}

Sobre el español bozal del siglo de oro:  existencia y coexistencia {separata de 1992}

Metathesis as template matching: a Spanish example {1992 reprint}

Spontaneous nasalization in the development of Afro-Hispanic language {1992 reprint}

On the non-creole basis for Afro-Caribbean Spanish {1993}

New thoughts on the origins of Zamboangueño (Philippine creole Spanish) {1993 reprint}

Spanish stops, spirants and glides: from consonantal to [vocalic] {1993 reprint}

Creoloid phenomena in the Spanish of transitional bilinguals {1993 reprint}

Origin and development of 'TA' in Afro-Hispanic creoles {1993 reprint}

Creole Spanish and Afro Hispanic {1993 reprint; with Armin Schwegler}

Y'all in American English: from black to white, from phrase to pronoun {1993 reprint}

A new perspective on Afro-Dominican Spanish:  the Haitian connection {1994}

The evolution of null subjects in Philippine Creole Spanish {1994 reprint}

El lenguaje afroperuano:  eslabón entre Africa y América {separata de 1994}

Literary `Africanized' Spanish as a research tool:  dating consonant reduction {1995 reprint}

Spanish hypocoristics: towards a unified prosodic analysis {1995 reprint}

[round] and [labial] in Spanish and the `free form' syllable {1995 reprint}

Blocking of Spanish /s/-aspiration: the vocalic nature of consonantal disharmony {1995 reprint}

Los dialectos vestigiales del español en Estados Unidos {separata de 1996}

Spanish in the Pacific {1996 reprint}

Linguistic consequences of the Sandinista revolution and its aftermath in Nicaragua {1997 reprint}

Spanish word stress: the interaction of moras and minimality {1997 reprint}

En busca de las normas fonéticas del español {separata de 1997}

Perspectivas sobre el español bozal {separata de 1998}

El español de los braceros chinos y la problemática del lenguaje bozal {separata de 1998}

Spanish linguistics, the last 100 years: retrospective and bibliography {1998 reprint}

Latin American Spanish: creolization and the African connection {1998 reprint}

Syllabic consonants in New Mexico Spanish: the geometry of syllabification {1993 reprint; pub. 1998}

The many faces of Spanish /s/-weakening:  (re)alignment and ambisyllabicity {1999 reprint}

Chinese Cuban pidgin Spanish: implications for the Afro creole debate {1999 reprint}

Evolución de los verbos copulativos en el español bozal {separata de 1999}

Sobre la valoración popular y la investigación empírica del `español negro' caribeño {separata de 1999}

El sufijo -ico y las palabras afroibéricas agüé/awe y aguora/ahuora: rutas de evolución y entorno dialectológico {separata de 1999}

The linguistic situation of Central Americans {reprint from 2000}

Las cartas congolesas del siglo XVI: un temprano testimonio del contacto lingüístico afro-lusitano {separata de 2000}

The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea:  research on La Hispanidad's best-kept secret {2000 reprint}

El español que se habla en El Salvador y su importancia para la dialectología hispanoamericana {separata de 2000}

Contacto de lenguas en el Caribe hispánico: implicaciones para el español caribeño {separata de 2000}

Bozal Spanish: restructuring or creolization? {2000 reprint}

Panorama del lenguaje afrorrioplatense:  vías de evolución fonética {separata de 2001}

From bozal to boricua: implications of Afro-Puerto Rican language in literature {2001 reprint}

La africanía del español del Caribe: estado de la cuestión {separata de 2001}

Epenthesis vs. elision in Afro-Hispanic language:  a constraint-based approach to creole phonology{2002 reprint}

`Partial' Spanish: strategies of pidginization and simplification (from Lingua Franca to `Gringo Lingo') {2002 reprint}

La lingüística románica en los Estados Unidos:  logros principales del último siglo {2002 reprint}

La lengua española en los Estados Unidos:  avanza a la vez que retrocede {separata de 2004}

The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea {2004 reprint}

El español de America:  los contactos bilingües: apuntes microdialectológicos {separata de 2004}

Nuevas perspectivas sobre el español afrodominicano {separata de 2004}

Code-switching or borrowing? No sé so no puedo decir, you know {2005}

Hispanic linguistics: in a glass house or a glass box? {2006}

Too close for comfort? the genesis of "portuñol/portunhol" {2006}

Are pidgins and creoles real languages?  {2006 reprint}

Afro-Bolivian Spanish and Helvécia Portuguese: semi-creole parallels {2006 reprint}

El dialecto afroyungueño de Bolivia: en busca de las raíces del habla afrohispánica {separata de 2006}

Un remanante afrohispánico: el habla afroparaguaya de Camba Cua {separata de 2006}

Afro-Yungueño speech: the long-lost "black Spanish" {2007 reprint}

A blast from the past: ritualized Afro-Hispanic linguistic memories (Panama and Cuba) {2007 reprint}

El cambio /r/ > [d] en el habla afrohispánica: ¿un rasgo "congo"? {separata de 2007}

La formación de la partícula ta en los criollos de base afroibérica: nuevas vías de evolución {separata de 2007}

El lenguaje afromexicano en el contexto de la lingüística afrohispánica {separata de 2007}

(after)thoughts on the state of Hispanic linguistics {2007}

Angola e Brasil: vínculos lingüísticos afrolusitanos {2008}

El habla afroboliviana en el contexto de la "reafricanización" {separata de 2008}

El español de Guinea Ecuatorial en el contexto del español mundial {separata de 2008}

Afro-Paraguayan Spanish: the negation of non-existence {2008 reprint}

Afro-Choteño speech: towards the (re)creation of a "Black Spanish" {2008 reprint}

Homeless in post-modern linguistics? (Re/Dis)placing Hispanic dialectology. {2008 reprint}

"Fluent dysfluency" as congruent lexicalization: a special case of radical code-mixing {2009 reprint}

El habla de los afroparaguayos: un nuevo renglón de la identidad étnica {separata de 2009}

Searching for the origins of Uruguayan Fronterizo dialects: radical code-mixing as "fluent dysfluency" {2009 reprint}

Chabacano y español: resolviendo las ambigüedades {separata de 2009}

Depleted plural marking in two Afro-Hispanic dialects: Separating inheritance from innovation {2010 offprint}

El "Nuevo" Palenquero y el Español Afroboliviano: ¿Es Reversible la Descriollización? {2011 offprint}

Socio-phononological variation in Latin American Spanish {2011 offprint}

English and Spanish in the United States: language and immigration {2011 reprint}

El inglés y el español en Estados Unidos: lengua e inmigración {separata de 2011}

Um caso de contato de fronteira: o sudoeste {2011}

Encontros lingüísticos fronteiriços {2011}

Pitch polarity in Palenquero: A possible locus of H tone {2011}

Dialects and borders: face-to-face and back-to-back in Latin American Spanish {2011 offprint}

Isn't pidgin English just bad English? {2012 offprint}

Africanisms in Afro-Bolivian Spanish {2012 offprint}

Free at last: from bound morpheme to discourse marker in Lengua ri Palengue (Palenquero Creole Spanish) {2012 offprint}

The "new" Palenquero: revitalization and re-creolization {2012 offprint}

Re-mixing a mixed language: The emergence of a new pronominal system in Chabacano (Philippine Creole Spanish) {2012 offprint}

Características del español filipino y del chabacano {separata de 2012}

Geographical and social varieties of Spanish {2012 offprint}

Decreolization as emergent grammar(s): some Afro-Bolivian data {2011 offprint}

Spanish-English code-switching among low-fluency bilinguals: towards an expanded typology {2013 offprint}

Cuba-Spanish {2011 offprint}

Hacia una dialectología del español estadounidense {separata de 2013}

Mapping the psycholinguistic boundaries between Spanish and Palenquero {2013 offprint}

¿Qué diciendo nomás? Tracing the sources of the Andean Spanish gerund {2013 offprint}

El chabacano de Cavite en el centro del debate del lenguaje criollo {separata de 2013}

La lengua palenquera juvenil: contacto y conflicto de estructuras gramaticales {separata de 2014}

From “more” to “less”: Spanish, Palenquero (Afro-Colombian creole), and gender agreement {2014 offprint}

Syncretic discourse markers in Kichwa-influenced Spanish: transfer vs. emergence {2014 offprint}

A historical perspective of Afro-Portuguese and Afro-Spanish varieties in the Iberian Peninsula {2014 offprint}

The many facets of Spanish dialect diversification in Latin America {2014 offprint}

¿Existe un dialecto “ecuatoguineano” del español? {separata de 2014}

Is "Spanglish" the third language of the South? {2015 offprint}

La reconstrucción de los primeros contactos lingüísticos afrohispánicos {separata de 2015}

“Toned-up” Spanish: stress → pitch → tone(?) in Equatorial Guinea {2015 offprint}

How many “grammars” per “language”?: mapping the psycholinguistic boundaries between Spanish and Palenquero {2015; contact}

Colliding vowel systems in Andean Spanish: carryovers and emergent properties {2015; contact}

From “more” to “less”: Spanish, Palenquero (Afro-Colombian creole), and gender agreement {contact}

Putnam & Lipski, Null arguments in transitional trilingual grammars: field observations from Misionero German {2016 offprint}

Lengua suto é ngande [our language is great]: Emerging discourse markers in revitalized Palenquero (Afro-Colombian Spanish creole) {2016 offprint}

On the tenacity of Andean Spanish: intra-community recycling {separata de 2016; contact}

The role of unintentional/involuntary code-switching: Did I really say that? {2016; contact}

Language switching constraints: more than syntax? Data from Media Lengua {2016; contact}

La tenacidad del español andino como reciclaje intra-comunitario {separata de 2015}

On the origins of the Lengua ri Palenge (Palenquero) relativizer lo ke: the pathways of (re-)grammaticalization {2015 offprint}

Portuguese/portuñol in Misiones, Argentina: another Fronterizo?  {2015; contact}

Spanish vocalic epenthesis: the phonetics of sonority and the mora {2016 offprint}

Palenquero and Spanish: a first psycholinguistic exploration {2016; contact}

Palenquero and Spanish: what’s in the mix? {2016; contact}

Dialectos del español de América: los Estados Unidos {separata de 2016}

Ecuadoran Media Lengua: more than a “half”-language? {2017; contact}

Portuguese or Portuñol? Language contact in Misiones, Argentina {2017 offprint}

Does gender agreement carry a production cost?: Spanish gender vs. Palenquero {2017; contact}

Can agreement be suppressed in second-language acquisition? Data from the Palenquero-Spanish interface {2017; contact}

Palenquero vs. Spanish negation: separate but equal? {2017; contact}

The Congo language of Panama: born of resistance, surviving through activism {2017; contact}

La interfaz portugués-castellano en Misiones, Argentina: zona de prueba para la alternancia de lenguas {separata de 2018}

La evolución de la interfaz portugués-español en el noreste argentino {2018; contact}

Dialects of Spanish and Portuguese {2017 offprint}

Languages in contact: pidginization and creolization, Spanish in the Caribbean {2018; contact}

La evolución de la interfaz portugués-español en el noreste argentino {2018; contact}

Can NEG placement have negative consequences (for efficient processing)? A bilingual test case {2018; contact}

What you hear is (not always) what you get: subjects and verbs among receptive Palenquero-Spanish bilinguals {2018; contact}

Explorando la interfaz castellano-lengua palenquera: implicaciones psicolingüísticas {2019; contact}

 Field-testing code-switching constraints: a report on a strategic languages project {2019 reprint}

[con Graciela Maglia]. Transacciones discursivas, economía simbólica y cocinas de la Afromemoria en la Plaza de Mercado de Cali {2019; contact}

Spanish phonological variation {2020; contact}

Spanish and Palenquero: Language identification through phonological correspondences {2020; contact}

Reconstructing the life-cycle of a mixed language: an exploration of Ecuadoran Media Lengua {2020; contact}

Can a bilingual lexicon be sustained by phonotactics alone? evidence from Ecuadoran Quichua and Media Lengua {2020; contact}

 Language revitalization as L2 shadow-boxing: the case of Palenquero plural-marking {2020; contact}

Equatorial Guinea Spanish non-continuant /d/: more than a generic L2 trait {2020; contact}

Pronouns, interrogatives, and Quichua-Media Lengua code-switching: the eyes have it {2020 reprint}

Portuguese-Spanish contacts in Misiones, Argentina: probing (for) code-switching constraints {2020; contact}

Heritage languages in South America {2021; contact}

La parlata afro-italiana e le sue rappresentazioni letterarie nei testi rinascimentali {2021; contact}

 Morphological and Syntactical Variation and Change in Latin American Spanish {2021; contact}

Code-Switching Knowledge as Heritage Grammar Attainment: A Case Study {2021; contact}

La contribución africana a las variedades americanas del español {2021; contact}

Searching for the sociolinguistic history of Afro-Panamian Congo speech {2021; contact}

Sibilants in Ecuadoran Spanish {2021; contact}

Vocalic phenomena in Andean Spanish dialects {2022; contact}



Poesía afroboliviana de Juan Angola Maconde

Anthology of Afro-Iberian texts/antología de textos afroibéricos {Microsoft Word format}

Creole examples (ejemplos de lenguas criollas) {Microsoft Word format}

Nojotro habla así (gramática afroboliviana}


The evolution of the Afro-Portuguese copula

Strategies of double negation in Spanish and Portuguese

The Portuguese language in Angola:  Luso-creoles' missing link?

Afro-Portuguese pidgin:  separating imitation from innovation

La lingüística hispánica en los Estados Unidos:  logros y retos para el siglo XXI

On the source of the infinitive in Romance-derived pidgins and creoles

The role of the city in the formation of Spanish-American dialect zones

Chabacano/Spanish and the Philippine linguistic identity

Afro-Asian and Afro-indigenous linguistic contacts in Spanish America

La creación del lenguaje centroamericano en la obra narrativa de Juan Felipe Toruño

Null subjects in (Romance-derived) creoles: routes of evolution

El español de América y los contactos bilingües recientes

La filología romanica en los Estados Unidos:  logros principales del último siglo

La africanía del español del Caribe

Subject pronoun usage among Spanish dialects

Speaking "African" in Spanish and Portuguese: literary imitations vs. (socio)linguistic reality

Rethinking the place of Spanish

Spanish-based creoles in the Caribbean

El español en el mundo:  frutos del último siglo de contactos lingüísticos

El perfil de Panamá en el entorno de los contactos lingüísticos afrohispánicos

When does `Spanish' become `creole' and vice versa?  The case of Chabacano

The Spanish language of Equatorial Guinea

Spanish world-wide:  the last century of language contacts

Las lenguas criollas de base hispana

Sobre a origem e o desenvolvimento do sistema verbal das línguas crioulas de base portuguesa:  sa/sã/ta

La lengua española en los Estados Unidos

Romance linguistics in the brave new world

From global village to urban legend: the role of the city in the formation of Spanish American dialects

Where and how does bozal Spanish survive?

"Me want cookie":  foreigner talk as monster talk

Nuevas fronteras de dialectología afrohispánica: los Yungas de Bolivia

Afro-Bolivian Spanish: the survival of a true creole prototype

El español de América en contacto con otras lenguas

Afro-Bolivian language today: the oldest surviving Afro-Hispanic speech community

Logros recientes de la lingüística afrohispánica: implicaciones para las lenguas criollas y el español de América

El lenguaje afroboliviano: apuntes lingüísticos

Mi no saber:  on the origins of "ape-man" foreigner talk

Spanish, English, or Spanglish?:  truth and consequences of U. S. Latino bilingualism

Morphosyntactic implications in Afro-Hispanic language: new data on creole pathways

Developing self-awareness of a minority dialect/language

The evolving interface of U. S. Spanish: language mixing as hybrid vigor

Os primeiros contatos afro-portugueses: implicações para a expansão da língua

Castile and the hydra: the diversification of Spanish in Latin America

Cruzando fronteras, cruzando lenguas

El español de Guinea Ecuatorial: piedra angular de los programas para afrodescendientes

The impact of the Mexican Revolution on Spanish in the United States

Contacto y conflicto: el vocalismo del castellano andino (Imbabura, Ecuador)

Contactos lingüísticos hispano-portugueses en Misiones, Argentina